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Economic Development

Addressing vacancy through encouraging and facilitating development in our community. Building permits have gone up 9-fold under my leadership and continue to grow.

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Public Safety

Working with our police department to increase public safety through better trust between our community and our police department. Crime is down significantly in our neighborhoods this year.

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Civic Engagement

An informed neighborhood is a strong neighborhood. We are building capacity through increasing civic engagement by convening our neighborhoods through ward meetings and other community events.

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A Message from Cara

As Alderman, I serve as your representative at the Board of Alderman, our City's legislative branch where we write and pass the laws that govern our City.

I have worked on and passed several laws that have increased revenue for our City and increased safety for our citizens including an air quality control program to protect vulnerable neighborhoods from hazardous demolition particles and the nation's toughest municipal legislation on payday lending.

I also fill in where City services aren't optimal, here to assist you when your dumpster doesn't get emptied or an car is abandoned in front of your home.