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Economic Development

In 4 years we have reduced vacant buildings by 20% and building permits have gone up a whopping 1200%. This is equitable development– many projects are required affordable housing along side market-rate development. Together we are ensuring that this will always be a neighborhood of income diversity, reflecting our city as a whole.

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Public Safety

Cara Spencer has been working with our first responders - Advocating for more community policing and diversity on our force. Cara was instrumental in putting Shotspotter, gunshot detection technology back online and is pushing for body cameras. These efforts have been successful and while crime continues to be a major issue, violent crime in the 20th ward dropped significantly in 2018.

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Public Spaces

As your Alderman, Cara Spencer made our public spaces a priority. She re-opened the Marquette Pool, the only FREE public pool on the south side and has invested in our parks and hosted annual free community events. She’s been rolling out speed humps and other traffic calming measures. Together, we are building more healthy and equitable neighborhoods for all residents.

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A Message from Cara

As Alderman, I serve as your representative at the Board of Alderman, our City's legislative branch where we write and pass the laws that govern our City.

I have lead the way and passed several laws that have increased increased quality of life for city citizens including an air quality control law to protect neighbors from hazardous demolition particles, the nation's toughest municipal legislation on payday lending, and I've been fighting the privatization of our airport.

I also fill in where City services aren't optimal, here to assist you when your dumpster doesn't get emptied or a car is abandoned in front of your home.