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Working With Local Folks

There are lots of folks working in our community. This list is meant to be a resource but is by no means a recommendation for service. Anyone active in our community can join our list to connect to other folks working within our neighborhoods.

Connect with Others

Name(s): Joshua Smith
Business: HSG Realty
Services Offered: Residential & Commercial Realtor
Phone Number: 618-719-7509
Email Address: 

[email protected]

Name: Dan White
Company: Gatehouse Properties LLC
Services: Provide investors Off-market Investment Properties at a discount and provide sellers a Professional Marketing Video, showcasing the history of their historic home by telling it's story with a reenactment.
Phone: 314.930.5122
Email: [email protected]
Company: The Pocket
Services: Monthly Rehearsal spaces for musicians and a Custom Airbnb Suite for touring bands and fans.
Phone: 314.930.5122
Email: [email protected]

Name(s): Kalin Pearce and Emily Sudholt
Business: SBL Innovations (part of the Social Enterprise and Impact Accelerator at WUSTL)
Services Offered: Idea phase - low income specialty community development
Phone Number: 513-390-3722 (KP), 314-320-9150 (ES)
Email Address: [email protected]  [email protected]
Website: NA

Jonathan Beck, Julie Ostrom, Dale Sweet
Beck Ostrom Sweet LLC
Real estate, corporate, and estate planning legal services.  For developers we can assist in setting up companies, purchasing property, municipal issues and zoning, leasing and sale of property.
[email protected]
Name(s): Rocco V. Danna
Business: Elevate
Services Offered: Architecture, Building Management, Construction, Development, Real Estate Transactions
Phone Number: 314-398-0635
Email Address: [email protected]
Name(s): Amy & Kevin Trapp
Business: None yet - interested in purchasing/flipping property and/or owner renovation
Services Offered: purchase
Phone Number: 314-920-5545
Email Address: [email protected]
Website: NONE
Name(s): Sam Stephens
Business: DeSales Community Development & Fox Grove Management (manage housing developments for Rise, Lutheran Development Group and other affordable and market rate units)
Services Offered: Property Management, Real Estate Development, Youth Sports Programming, Community Services & Engagement Programming
Phone Number: 314-776-5444
Email Address: [email protected]
Michael Schwartz
Blackline Design & Construction
Architecture, General Contracting, Development Consulting
[email protected]
Name(s): Nate Lindsey
Business: Downtown Dutchtown Business Association / Rasmussen Dickey Moore
Services Offered: Business association / legal services
Phone Number: 785 766 0197
Email Address: [email protected]
Dawn Griffin
Dawn Griffin Real Estate Group (Realtor Team)
We are currently working on renovation projects in TGE, Compton Heights and Lafayette Square which will be listed this Spring and a 6 family in Fox Park which we will hold.
Kyla Oudshoorn
Platinum Realty
 I am a city realtor/investor, serving both sellers and buyers in the residential market.


Name(s):  Larry Nolte
Business:  Crawford-Butz and Associates
Services Offered:  Risk Management / Insurance for Commercial and Residential
Phone Number:  314 881-1940
Email Address:  [email protected]
Rick Bonasch, Director of Technical Assistance
314.333.7007 direct
Name(s):  Tristan Walker & Warren Popp
Business:  Heritage Properties
Services Offered:  Real Estate Brokerage + General Contracting / Project Management + Property Management / Leasing
Phone Number:  314-833-9839
Email Address:  [email protected]
Name: Emily Hood
Business: Treffpunkt
Services Offered: Event space, meeting space, lecture hall
Phone Number: (314) 771-1701
Email Address: [email protected]
Dale Ruthsatz
St. Louis Development Corporation
TIF fiancing and tax abatement
[email protected]


Steve Butz, President
Crawford-Butz Insurance Agency
314.752.2500  Office
[email protected]
Name(s):  Tristan Walker & Warren Popp
Business:  Heritage Properties
Services Offered:  Real Estate Brokerage + General Contracting / Project Management + Property Management / Leasing
Phone Number:  314-833-9839
Email Address:  [email protected]
Name(s): Jeffrey Winer
Business: Realtor
Services Offered: Buy/Sell/ give people an idea of what there home is worth,
Phone Number: (314)304-1890
Email Address:
[email protected]

Name(s): Harrison Bohn & KC Golfinopoulos
Business: Urban Living STL LLC
Services Offered: Residential Property Management, Portfolio Development, Real Estate Purchase and Sales
Phone Number: 314-296-4411
Email Address: [email protected][email protected]

Shannon St. Pierre, REALTOR
The Hermann London Group
Real Estate
Cell - 314-583-0070 
Name(s): Andy Barnes, Tim Schurmann
Business: Artisan Building Company
Specializes in: Construction Management for Commercial Historic Redevelopments
Phone Number: (314) 581-1556 or (314) 707-7668
Email Address: [email protected][email protected]
Rebecca Linn
[email protected]
Name: Rob Soete
Business: Tower Real Estate Group - Commercial & Residential Real Estate Brokerage. (Tower Real Estate was formerly Duffe-Nuernberger Realty)
Services: Commercial Leasing, Commercial Sales, and Residential Sales. We have another company under our umbrella called ND Consulting which handles financial structuring and development consulting for private & non-profit businesses along with historic preservation, obtaining historic tax credits, low income tax credits and other municipal subsidies.
Phone #: 314-482-2207
Email: [email protected]
Nathan Dirnberger
Architecture, Design Build firm
[email protected]
Name(s): Amanda Colon-Smith, Executive Director
Business: Dutchtown South Community Corporation
Services Offered: Housing Stabilization ( co-development, tenant outreach), Community Engagement (waste and recycling education, parks improvements, civic engagement)
Phone Number: 314-352-4865
Email Address: [email protected]


Name: Eltoreon Hawkins

Hawks home Solutions

Service : Handy Man Services

Phone : 3144010077

Email: [email protected]

Name(s): Jessica Deem

Business: Virescent

Services Offered: Architectural Services, Sustainable Design, Energy Efficiency, Historic Preservation

Phone Number: 314-608-5908

Email Address: [email protected]

Website: (Coming Soon)

Name(s): Freddie Ell

Business: Masters Construction LLC

Services Offered: Construction and general maintenance.

Phone Number: 314-629-9162

Email Address: [email protected]

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