Fining Vacant Building Owners


A few months ago, I was contacted by a whistleblower within the Building Division. Anyone who owns a vacant building in the city of St. Louis can (and should!) be on the hook for fines if they allow the building to fall into disrepair, but some have been exempt.

With BB171, we have the opportunity to remove the exemption, making building codes fair and helping to decrease vacancy in our communities.

Read more about it here.

Trust in our Police Department

Subpoena Power for COB

Public Safety Committee just unanimously passed BB233 granting subpoena power to the Civilian Oversight Board. A great step towards accountability and increased trust in our police department.

This is a measure that our new Police Chief supports and I am proud to be a co-sponsor on the bill. Read more about it here.

Inverting Income Disparity

Our Sheriffs Get a Raise

Kudos to Sherriff Vernon Betts for bucking the national trend of increased income disparities and advocating for his lowest paid employees — raises for the folks at the bottom of the pay scale but no one above deputy sees a raise

Read more about it here.

Seeking Medical Care with Dignity

A Buffer Zone for Planned Parenthood

Protesters routinely block traffic into the Planned Parenthood in St. Louis, causing a traffic hazard on Lindell and a public safety nightmare for police. A reasonable 8 ft buffer zone will allow traffic to flow into the medical facility and allow women and men to seek medical assistance with dignity.

Read more about it here.