Open Streets

St. Louis is re-launching Open Streets - a project to actively connect residents to public space. Open Streets promotes active transportation, healthy living and increased neighborhood interaction and civic engagement.


Long time vacant beauty --- rescued by local developer.

Garcia Properties just bought Grandview Arcade on S. Grand in the Gravois Park neighborhood. Plans to develop into commercial and live spaces, construction to start later this year.

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Intersect Arts Opens

Built in 1915, the 30,000 sqft former Lutheran seminary building has undergone an extensive renovation to accommodate 25 private artist studios, a dance studio, music recording studio, wood shop, ceramics studio, metal working shop, darkroom, computer lab, commercial kitchen, and a 4,000 square foot gallery space.

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$13M Project

A $12.8 million rehab of 16 vacant buildings in the south St. Louis neighborhoods of Dutchtown and Gravois Park is kicking off.

The Chippewa Park project is a partnership of Rise Community Development and Chris Shearman of Lutheran Development Group. It’s one of several redevelopments proposed in the corridor along the eastern portion of Chippewa Street, including plans from Cherokee Street property owner Jason Deem to rehab several buildings in the area.

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Cameras In Gravois Park

Public safety starts in public spaces. City parks should be places all people feel safe.

It’s not a perfect solution, but cameras in our parks will help deter crime and address wrong doing when it occurs.

Gravois Park install: happening today.

Rebuilding Gravois Park

In 2017 the community came together and built a new playground for Gravois Park from the ground up with our own hands... an incredible day and great new asset for our neighborhood. Image from Benton Park West Neighborhood Association.

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Traffic Study

This study was initiated due to increasing levels of frustration with traffic circulation throughout the ward. Specifically, residents were concerned with the number of one-way streets (38 random one-way blocks in the study boundary), as well as safety, frustration over the poor circulation, difficulty navigating the neighborhood and concern with safe access to parks and schools.

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