Citizen Service Bureau

CSB' purpose is to register and route city service requests and answer citizen requests for information.

Historic Districts

Almost the entirety of the 20th Ward is in a National Historic District. Want to see if you are? Check out our City's interactive map.


Curious about the socio-economic and/or racial make-up  of our neighborhoods? Check out this phenomenal mapping of our diversity block by block.

Developer / Homebuyer Resources

Check out folks working and fixing properties in our community.

Important Numbers to know...

Alderman Cara Spencer: 314-556-7379
Neighborhood Stabilization Officer: 314-657-1354
Building Division: 314-622-4671
Citizens Service Bureau: 314-622-4800
Drug Hotline: 314-241-COPS
Health Department: 314-612-5100
Mayor’s Office: 314-622-3201
Parking Enforcement: 314-622-3690
Parks Department: 314-289-5300
Police Non-Emergency: 314-231-1212
Sheriff’s Office: 314-622-4851