Crime in the 20th Ward: Update

Down Year-to-Date

Crime is down in the 20th Ward significantly. While overall crime is down 19%, person crimes is down a whopping 41%.

For more information on our City's crime rates by neighborhood, check out the Police Dept Crime stats here.

Mobile Camera Unit

Piloted First in the 20th

St. Louis City Police deploy a new crime fighting tool for the first time right here in Gravois Park. The new mobile camera unit was stationed on Iowa just south of Miami. While cameras are not a perfect solution, the mobile unit allows police to monitor what's going on with flexibility and without permanent infrastructure.

Learn more about it here.

Crime in St. Louis

A Bright Spot

The Cherokee Neighborhoods (Gravois Park, Marine Villa, Benton Park and Benton Park West), collectively have seen a very distinct and significant drop in crime compared to the rest of the city in 2017. In fact, crime is down overall in these 4 neighborhoods collectively by 8.4%, down 16% in Gravois Park. Homicides are down a stunning 46%.

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Beat Cops

We are working towards community policing in the 20th Ward. "It's police being responsive to the self-identified problems in an area. They engage with residents, business owners, landlords, and the police response need not include arrest. It's quite effective in crime reduction that doesn't alienate community members."

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